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Guest Blogger: Drugstore Beauty Products

Have you guys heard about my drugstore beauty product guest posts yet?

Well I know some of you have and I am thrilled with all the awesome suggestions and all of the feedback!

I am still looking for more people who are interested in joining in! It is soooo easy and fun!

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Today I have Jen guest posting! Below is an intro and her post. Make sure to stop by her blog and show her some love!

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5 Drugstore Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

For as long as I can remember, I have always seemed to be a Maybelline girl. Maybe it’s because my mom helped me pick out my first mascara, or maybe because when I was a younger, I’d lust after the cosmetics aisle, wishing I was old enough to wear makeup to school and not just for play.

I still love the thrill of walking down the cosmetics aisle at the drugstore. Don’t get me wrong, I love designer brands like M.A.C. Makeup, Clinique, Cargo Cosmetics and anything that a celebrity endorses (I’m a celebrity junkie). But let’s face it, I can’t always afford to pay $50 for an under eye concealer or $30 for a lip gloss.

If you’re in the same boat, lusting after the expensive stuff but can’t afford it, maybe I can help. Here are 5 beauty products that are frequently in my beauty bag – and they come straight from the drugstore.

Did I also mention they’re all under $15?

Hot Hair Products

 I’ve started to use TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. Confession: I’ve always thought the idea of a dry shampoo was kind of weird, and when I sprayed a bit on my roots, and a white residue was left on my scalp, I was less than thrilled. But then, I rubbed it in like the instructions on the bottle suggested and the residue went away. I was left with unwashed hair that looked as perfectly coiffed as it did the day before. SOLD! It’s now a keeper and I’d recommend it to anyone. I should mention, my hair didn’t FEEL clean but it LOOKED clean so that’s good enough for me!

I have naturally wavy hair so I’m blessed with the options of sporting a straight or curly ‘do on any given day. But on those “OMG I’m late for work,” days, curly hair wins the battle. I’ve tried so many curly hair gels, mouse’s, spritzers, hair sprays and crème’s but I’m most impressed by Pantene Pro-V’s Curl Shaping Gel. It makes my hair super curly without leaving it “crunchy” like some products do. And it’s lightweight so it doesn’t weigh my hair down. I love it; it’s a definite staple in my beauty bag. 

Flirty Eye Finds

There really are no words to explain how I feel about these next two products. The Maybelline Volum Express Falcies Mascara gives my thin, pin straight lashes volume and curves while Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Eye Definer pencil is amazing. It gives me a precise, thin, jet black line each time I use it. Jet black mascara + jet black eyeliner = true smoky eyed love.

Pouty Lips
When I was young, I refused to leave the house without a coating of lipstick. I just never felt made up without that last coat of armour. These days, life’s just to busy to fuss over lipstick and matching lip liners so, I’ve opted for a more casual, less fussy option. Lip gloss. I love gloss and have many different brands and colours. But the one I love the most is Annabelle Le Gloss. Lot’s of coverage and shine without breaking the bank. Now that’s a gloss I can live with!


Sara said...

This was fun to read! I don't like that dry shampoo, it does not work for me :( But I maybe using it wrong.

Love the lippy though! I shall have to check it out :)

Tara St said...

I still think Maybelline makes the best mascara. I've tried out expensive brands and always go back to Maybelline.

Penniless Socialite

Jen said...

Thanks girls, I'm glad you liked my suggestions!

Sara: I only use the dry shampoo spary if I'm going to put my hair in a headband or half up in clip etc. This way I'm not tempted to always touch the routs and be reminded that it has a "weird" texture with the dry shampoo! AND I only use a wee bit of it - If I use too much it just makes my hair more greasy!


Blytheponytailparades said...

I LOVE that mascara :)

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