Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday im In lOvE

Nothing really exciting happening here this week.

I am still trying to find time to finish some of the great posts I have lined up. Do you ever get that, where you just completly run out of time? I enjoy being busy but sometimes it stresses me out!

I am not going to lie, I have been putting off blogging for reading. The Hunger Games are so adicting!

Hoping to see the movie soon :)

This weekend we are going to have lots of fun. We are bottling our homemade wine tonight!! Then we are off to a Mad Men themed party. Sadly we don't watch the show....yet, but it is still fun to have an excuse to dress up!

Since I don't have anything really exciting for the end of the week I thought I would share with you some of the fashion blogs I am currently obsessing over. I love reading fashion blogs because they are inspiring! Some are high end fashion that I would never wear and others make their everyday clothes look freakin adorable!

Enjoy some link love!

The Forge


The Daybook

Style Within Reach

Atlantic Pacific
I really do follow tons more. Maybe next Friday Ill share some more link love!

Happy Friday, I hope its fabulous!


Pretty-quirky said...

aw such a nice blog post I would really like if you would check out my blog...maybe follow :)x

Katie said...

You always have the most fun weekends! Bottling your own wine?! That sounds like a blast! Did you make cute labels? Maybe I need to start following some more fashion blogs... I do not know how to dress myself :)

Emily Meyers said...

Hello! Love your blog!! I just added myself to your followers for support, and wanted to invite you to come follow my blog and be a part of a really fun giveaway I’m having!

Hope to see you there! Thanks!

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