Monday, March 12, 2012

Drugstore Beauty Finds Part III

I have another Drugstore Beauty Finds Guest Post to share with You!

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Today I have Tara guest posting!

I'm Tara and I blog over at Penniless Socialite.  I am so excited that Carisa is hosting this guest blog series.  I am guilty of purchasing some expensive luxury cosmetic items.  Yes, these products are great, but the dent in my wallet that they leave is not.  There are plenty of great drugstore products that give you the same luxury feel without the exorbitant price.  And I have a deep dark secret to admit, I am a crazy coupon lady.  Yes, I obsessively clip coupons.  But, with my coupon clipping comes cheap, and sometimes free, beauty products.  So, here are some cheap beauty finds that have convinced me to abandon some of my favorite pricey products.

Cream Blush
Blush Review

Blush Review by veggielawyer on

Almay Smart Shade Blush, Target, $7.74 - $8.84
NARS The Multiple, Sephora, $39

I had been looking for a cream blush.  First, I want to preface the review with two things.  First, I love (almost) all of NARS' products.  Their powder blush in Orgasm is my absolute favorite.  Second, a friend had already used the NARS multiple stick before I did my review and absolutely hated it.  Ok, so, NARS's The Multiple is supposed to be a all in one blush, lipstick and eyeshadow.  This already seemed to be a problem for me because these three products are not meant to have the same properties.  It's too chalky for a lipstick, creases too easily for an eye shadow and is way too glittery for a blush.  I am talking high school cheerleader glitter.  the good thing about The Multiple is that it goes on where you put it.  I find that sometimes powder blush gets on your face in wrong places sometimes.  I'm not looking to blush the entire side of my face.  
I found Almay's Smart Shade cream blush had everything I was looking for.  It glides on easily and lasts all day.  It's supposed to change color with your skin tone.  I don't know how much I buy into that, but it does come out of the tube a different color than it goes on your skin.  
The clear winner in my mind was Almay.

Coral Lipgloss
Coral Lip Gloss Review

Coral Lip Gloss Review by veggielawyer on

Buxom Travel in Style Lip Duo in Tara and New Orleans, Sephora (only available in store)

Coral is going to be the hot color this season for lips.  I am a Buxom fan.  I really think it's the best lipgloss out there.  The Travel Duo is fantastic, but a bit pricey at $18 since these really are only half sizes.  It comes with a lip stick and gloss to put over it.  However, I found that I got the same effect, and maybe even a nicer coral color with Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss.  AND you can often get this super cheap because Revlon has coupons in the newspaper all the time.  So, this one time, Buxom loses.  I'm still loyal to Buxom and I don't think I'll switch from my everyday gloss, but Revlon has me for coral.


Foundation Review

Foundation Review by veggielawyer on

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse, Target, $10.49
Dior AirFlash Spray Foundation, Sephora, $62

Spray on foundation is amazing.  However, it's not cheap.  My life was turned upside down when MAC discontinued their spray foundation.  I searched for a new one for years.  Yes,  literally, years.  The only one I found that even compared to MAC's was Dior's Airflash.  Airflash is great.  It's light and doesn't dry out your skin.  But, it's $62!!!  I've only tried it in stores and never took the plunge.  So, Revlon's Photoready Airbrush foundation isn't an aerosol, but it's just as light and 1/6 of the cost.  It actually kind of bubbles when it comes out of the container.  I can wear it all day without getting that caked on look by 5pm.

If you find some great drugstore products that compare to luxury brands, let me know!


TheTinyHeart said...

I may have to try out the Almay blush! I'm also addicted to the NARS Orgasm blush but I usually only use it in the fall/winter when I'm super pale. The Almay one might be a good one for the spring :)

The Tiny Heart

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I LOVE this! I hate spending tons of money on products! K I think you would love Garnier Fructese B&B cream. it seriously is AMAZING! Google it, it's the best grocery store product I have ever used! :)

Summer-Raye said...

Tara! What a neat post. I love your comparisons.

Aarna campbell said...

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