Friday, March 2, 2012

Currently in March

Trying something new today! I am linking up to Digging Deaper Design. She is a hosting a "Currently in March" post. You answer some questions about what is current in your life in this month of March!

Currently Counting Down To: New Orleans trip in May, cannot wait for vacation!
Currently Super Proud: of my husband, he is an amazing dude!
Currently Broadening: my tastes, in food, clothes, shows ect.
Currently Concluding: that life is to short, I need to live it to the fullest!
Currently Reading: The Walking Dead graphic novel, well actually the husband reads it to me :)
Currently ThinkingI am so blessed!!
Currently Saving All My Pennies For: New shoes, well a new bag but I just bought that ;)
Currently Wanting To Travel To: Europe, or anywhere at this point just travel!
Currently Wanting In My Cupboard: Dutch oven, I don't know why I would need it but I want it haha
Currently Wanting To Learn: How to play the guitar better, I took a class once but I stop practicing
Currently Drooling Over: Clothes online, want to spruce up my closet
Currently Confessing: I have an addiction to what my husband calls "teen dramas" currently watching One Tree Hill as I write this, love!
Currently Listening To: 88.1 the local radio station that plays the best music
Currently Obsessed With: My neighborhood, I don't want to move, hoping to buy a house in the area!
Currently 1st Place Comedic Genius: The New Girl, makes my cry with laughter always
Currently 2nd Place Comedic Genius: Modern Family!!
Currently Addicted To: bloggin hahaha
Currently Fantasizing About: Our first house!!!
Currently Sad Because: Because it seems like our friends are going to start moving away after college :(
Currently My Motto: Be Thankful!
Currently Dreaming Of: Summertime!
Currently Needing To Update: My apartment....needs more decor
Currently Yearning For: New haircolor
Currently Want To See In My Closet: more dress pants and killer shoes!
Currently Enjoying: relaxing on the couch
Currently Have A Girl Crush On: Rachel Bilson, her style is killer and her shoe line is amazing!
Currently Shopping: Nordstroms Rack all the way!
Currently Discovered: Shoedazzel, haven't bought anything yet but the unique shoes are great!
Currently Redecorating: Our picture wall in the bedroom
Currently A Few Blogs I'm Loving: Style of a Songbird, You Will Rejoice, Grace and Viola, The Lee Family Happenings and Penniless Socialite!

Also I am beyond excited to link up with Hollie's Follow Me Friday! It's back and it's so fun, make sure to join in!

Lastly just to keep this post a little fun and interesting I am linking up for the nail files :) I finally repainted my nails. I have been postponing the shellac for a bit to save a little money so I used my trusty OPI :)

The Nail Files

OPI: Get in the Espresso Lane

I have never taken one of these photos before so excuse the poor picture lol

Happy freakin Friday!!!


Digger said...

Awww!! Thank you for linking up!! I really appreciate it and LOVE learning about my readers! :) Awesomeness!! :) Thanks again! (I too am addicted to teen drama. hehe)

All the Love In The Universe

Vicki said...

Ohhhh that's a pretty nail color! Love it! :)

allie-mac-fallie said...

i like that color- makes me want to head to starbucks :-D

Amy - while wearing heels said...

I am 'currently' your newest follower. Love your currently post...can't wait to see your new shoes and bag! I am blog hopping today. Would love it if you stopped over and followed me back.

Amy @

Kristin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower via bloglovin' :) I love your nail color its so pretty!!

Jessica Patterson said...

coffee sounds sooo good right now :) I like the color

Amy Klepser said...

I am craving a new hair color too! And, I have the travel bug...I want to go anywhere, but Europe is my favorite place to go!

Alyssa said...

LOVE that nail polish color!! So pretty! The brown's and neutrals are my favorites!

Life With Lauren said...

I am wanting a new hair color right now too! Love the nail color!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to copy the "Currently in March" post so hopefully you'll see mine later this evening :) Love the post, and love hearing what's going on in your life!

huda said...

Nice post dear
Good blog
I am following your blog with GFC
Now follow back my blog with GFC too

tara said...

that is such a pretty color of nail polish!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Love OPI colors!

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