Monday, March 26, 2012

Currently Coveting

Happy Monday! 

 I am so glad it is Monday. My Husband has been gone all week on a trip with his dad, I got a lot of cleaning and crafting done buuut I still miss him to pieces! 

Well he is coming home to night! 
I am so excited!!

 Also I am so excited, I reached 60 GFC followers! That is soooo awesome! You guys are sooo great :) I am in the works of coming up with a giveaway soon!

I bought a tripod the other day! It rocks! So I am hoping to get a lot more outfit posts on the blogs now that I don't have to wait for my hubby to take the pics! It is a really cheap and awesome tripod if your looking for one check it out {here}

Today I thought I would share with you some clothes I am lusting hehe

1. Want a jean jacket. so fun over dresses!

Joe s Jeans jacket

Joe s Jeans jacket

2. Mint Jeans

Hudson Jeans jeans

Hudson Jeans jeans

3. Floral Jeans, who doesn't want these haha

Topshop jeans

Topshop jeans

4. A fun new blazer!

H M blazer

H M blazer

5. Floral shoes. I don't know how I would wear them but I'm in love!

Qupid sandals

Qupid sandals

6. A new iphone case. They make the best accessories

Pattern iPhone Case by Sandra Dieckmann Society6
Pattern iPhone Case by Sandra Dieckmann Society6

7. I want some of these chain bracelets! This one is amazing!


What are you guys loving lately? Are you into the floral jeans trend?


Amy Klepser said...

I am going to post a chain bracelet tutorial this week--maybe you could make one?? I love them though, gold chain necklaces and bracelets are so classy!

Erica said...

loooove the floral jeans...and that blazer from h and m is SO cute!
happy monday :)

Tara St said...

I love the floral jeans trend, but I am really only finding pricey options. Congrats on all the followers!

Penniless Socialite

LoriLynn said...

Pretty sure I want and need everything on this list (minus the iphone case) but only because I don't have one! Oh and I am totally rocking a jean jacket today, it's pretty much my fave! Xo Lori

Laura @ My Green Pen said...

I love my jean jacket! I wear it at least once a week - with something different each time :)

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

I loved all of these items, especially the bracelet!

MessyDirtyHair said...

congrats on readin 60 GFC girl!! wahoo!! you'll be at 100 in no time!

xx Kelly

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