Saturday, February 18, 2012

Themed Birthday Gifts

I want to share with you this awesome gift idea that my sister came up with for my cousin! Themed gifts has kind of become a tradition in my family. Useful gifts that are reminiscent of the past or helpful for the future! Some examples: Before I went to college I got a box full of snacks and supplies needed for school. When my brother turned 16 he got supplies for his car and a cd with songs that he used to listen to in the car when he was a baby.

So for my cousin my sister and I got her a Spice Girls themed gift! When we were little we used to lip synch and make music videos to Spice Girls songs. I was always Ginger, my sister was Baby, and my cousin was Sporty! I wish I had pictures it was so funny!!

So we took each Spice Girl and based part of our gift off of it. Below are pictures and descriptions of what we came up with :) (sorry about the pictures but my sis took them on her phone while she was wrapping them).

Check out the total stash!

Ginger Spice
For ginger we got her the spice ginger (good for Chinese food) and ginger tea she loves tea!

Sporty Spice
Target had some awesome mini exercise books and mini weights. My cousin has to stay "sporty"

Baby Spice
My cousin had a bunch of kitchen items on her birthday list so we got her a mini (or baby) cutting board and a mini colander.

Posh Spice
Posh Spice was so hard. We wanted to get her the movie Bend it like Becham but we couldn't find it anywhere! So instead we got her some black nail polish and a black necklace!

Scary Spice
The only thing I could think of for scary spice was leapord print! We got her some leapord print hair clips, nothing too flashy.

My favorite part about this gift is the wrapping and the card. My sister did such a great job!!

What do you think? I was pretty blown away by the idea, and we had so much fun picking things to match the spice girls!

Ill leave you with this....


Hope E. said...

Such a smart idea!! I will forever be a Spice Girls fan. <3

The Lee Family Happenings said...

This is awesome! I used to play Spice Girls with my friends growing up... oh the memories :) You're so creative!

Felicia said...

such a good idea!

Amy Klepser said...

so fun! i want to try something like this!

Erica said...


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