Monday, February 6, 2012


Hey all. I'm taking a day off my blogging excitement to relax with with friends and family. We have a busy busy week so I am trying to spend time with the hubs when I can. I have some really great posts coming up though. Stay tuned lol

I realized I published this last night before I was done opps...

So this week is my sisters birthday so we have a lot of party's, plus my bestie's birthday is Saturday, plus H has like 3 work events this week!!! So my bloggin time is limited!

I hoping that I will have a new post tomorrow! I also am going to try and convince the hubs to get a tripod for our camera so that I can keep up with the pictures and I don't always have to  wait for him lol

How do you guys balance personal life with blog life?

Since there isn't an exciting post today, make sure to check out my wine tasting post from yesterday!! Wine Tasting Post

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