Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Love!

Did you guys watch the Oscars? The hubs and I tried a lil drinking game, which was lots of fun!!

I am reviewing the dresses, like many I am sure in the blog world today ;) I watch mostly for the dresses, and to discover the hit movies.

This weekend my hub and i caught up on some Oscar movies. We have seen all of the animated shorts showing at are local theater, we watched Moneyball this weekend (amazing) and we watched The Tree of Life (so bizarre!!!). We also saw The Help awhile ago so we were better judges than usual for who should win ;)

Now on to the exciting part, my favorite dresses!!

Love Love Love...

I am partial to the Dawson's Creek Jen Lindley and Audrey Ladell, better know as Michelle Willams and Busy Phillips. They both looked fanominal!!!


Octavia Spenser looked amazing!! Her dress was beyond flattering!

Jessica Chasten was amazing in The Help! Her dress was my favorite by far. Very classy and looked great with her red hair!

Emma Stone also looked adorable! I love the red on her and her bow was gorgeous!

Last of my favorites is Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. I didn't see her on the carpet but I saw her picture after and she looked amazing, she always wears the best dresses!!


Not Sure How I Feel...

Cameron Diaz...hmmm...the dress is nice,maybe the top is weird, but not sure I am loving the hair. It is like a beautiful dress with I don't care hair...Thoughts???

Penelope Cruz does look amazing, but not a fan of the hair!! I don't like the blond. The hub said she looks like a "40 yr old house wife." Ha! For being one of the most attractive actresses she didn't look as good as always.


Not a Fan!!!

Gwyneth Paltrow usually looks beautiful but I am not sure what happened last night. The cape was weird and the hair....the hair....what was up with that??


Glenn Close looked ok...but she had a hair problem too!! I would have love to seen it pulled up at her neck or something romantic like that. It looked like a fan blew her hair back...

Jennifer Lopez has quite the body, I can't deny that, but to wear a dress that makes your hips look huge is not really needed when you already have the biggest butt! ha! And I was so nervous she would have a wardrobe malfunction with that cleavage!

Lastly can I just say I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie...she kind of looks like alvaria lol anyways since everyone wants to see you go (but really a black valet dress??)


I hope you guys don't mind me bashing some of the stars, we all have different tastes and our favorites. What were yours??

Also a few color trends I noted:

Red: always a favorite
Tangerine: basically a spring red
Pastel Pink: in my opinion it looks fab on anyone.

Hope you all had a fab weekend!!

I am also guest posting on Amy's blog You Will Rejoice. Go check it out, I am posting on the neon fashion trend for spring/summer :) Go show her blog some love!


Erica said...

i wasnt able to watch the oscars so i appreciate this re-cap of all the dresses. i agree about jlo. we KNOW you have a big booty lol you don't have to remind us...


Katie said...

I didn't watch the Oscars :( I love Sarah Hyland's and Jessica Chasten's dresses! They both look stunning. Is it weird that I think of Jessica Chasten as the mean girl in 'The Help' still?

Trish said...

I love that you turned the Oscars into a mini drinking game. FANTASTIC!

Heather said...

Hey Carisa! I am following you back! Have a great day! Heather @

Jenny Melrose said...

I couldn't find the comment section for todays post. I saw your bloglovin' addition and I'm following. I'm hosting a bloglovin blog hop until Sunday over at . I'd love it if you came over and linked up!

Emily said...

So glad you did a review of the dresses! I wasn't able to watch the Oscars from Australia {we don't have tv here} so I'm loving this review after the fact.

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