Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday, you know what that means....Pinteresting!!! Yay!! I am linking up again with the ever so lovely  Michelle at The Vintage Apple.

I am themeing my pins again today. I am going to share some of my absolute favorite recipes that I have found through the wonderful world of pinterest!! Some of these I make over and over again :)

1. Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken this stuff is sooooo good! Kind of sweet but easy and delish!

2. Double Crunch Honey Garlic Pork Chops: this looks so weird but is beyond good!! The crunch and the sauce pairs so well.

3. Artichoke Crusted Chicken: My favorite food are artichokes so this chicken is awesome! It is so moist and flavorful!!

4. This dip is amazing!!! I make it for all parties. I know it takes a lil work but it is so worth it in my opinion :) serve it with combo!

5. Pesto Chicken: this stuff is beyond easy, beyond flavorful, beyond good!! The hubs hates pesto but loves this!! serve with plain pasta and you have an amazing dinner!

6.Chicken Enchilada Pasta: this stuff is so weird but it really does taste good! No lie this stuff is the best!

7. Pizza Dough: I always make my dough by scratch, this stuff is my favorite!! If you add Italian seasoning it makes the best pizza crust. And you wouldn't believe that you can make 2 giant pizzas out of this!

Pinterest rocks my socks...what have you posted this week??


SimplyHeather said...

Omg omg I definitely want to try some of those things!! All these food pins are making me hungry.

Kelly said...

well thank you very much I now have crazy cravings at 9 in the that enchilada pasta looks fabulous! great ideas

Katie said...

That crock pot chicken teriyaki looks amazing!!!

I tagged you in a post today :)

Tara St said...

Pinterest has some amazing crock pot recipes posted. You can make mac and cheese and eggs in a crock pot. I need to get mine going before winter is over!

Penniless Socialite

Momma B said...

I love your pins this week! YUM!

Momma B

Erica said...

thank you thank you thank you!!!
you have saved me tons of time planning meals. think i'm gonna try that artichoke chicken soon! YAY. keep the recipe posts comin...;)

Kerri said...

Pinterest is definitely addicting! I need to find time somehow to do all the the ideas I see on there!

lori said...

and im officially drooling. ive made that pesto chicken. so good!

Ashley said...

I think I need to make some of these or actually, I need to GET someone to make these FOR ME. Haha! I think they all look sooooo good.!

Sara said...

Awesome blog girl! I am now following :) This post is making me hungry!!

HayleyKiah @Classy In KC said...

I absolutely love the idea of chicken enchilada pasta. That sounds so yummy.

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