Friday, February 10, 2012

High Five!

Linking up again with the lovely Lauren at From My Grey Desk!! Check out her blog, she is so adorable!


1. My husband hit a deer on Tuesday night. That is not a high five, but I am beyond grateful that he is ok, there was minor damage to his truck, and we just got new insurance so we have an incredibly low deductible for repairs! Yay! Love you baby!

2. It was my baby sisters 21st birthday on Wednesday! We got to go out with the fam and enjoy drinks and shots, it was a blast!

forgot to take a b-day pic! This is from my bachelorette party before we were both 21 ;)
3. I am loving my bunny this week! He has been extra affectionate and he follows me around the house (he is totally a dog at heart), he is the worlds cutest pet. I am hoping to make a page soon about why a rabbit is the best pet. But for now, look at his adorableness!

cashed out in the sun
4. H-dawg wrote a few songs last year, and when my brother was home for Christmas he help him record them. They are soo great, bon iver esq. Check them out at my brothers website 4 Dollars 2 Dimes soundcloud. Below is the album cover!

5. We have been planning a trip to New Orleans soon with friends and we offically booked an apartment to stay at in this week! It is in the Garden District, and we are excited to have a kitchen and living room instead of staying in a hotel all week! Can't wait till that vaction!

awesome kitchen and back patio!

Happy Friday everyone. I know I am thrilled to have made it through another week! Can't wait till the weekend since it is my besties birthday!!


Kerri said...

Found your blog through #FF! OH my word... I LOVE bunnies. I've had two so far in my life. One Netherland Dwarf and another that I rescued out in the wild (a large white, domestic rabbit). Their names were Clover and Daisy respectively. Clover lived ten years and I loved them both dearly! Anyway, following now! :)

The Lee Family Happenings said...

Your bunny is so cute! And I love VRBO it's so nice to have a whole house on vacation. Hope you have a great time :)

Jenny Melrose said...

I found you through sassy sites link party. Your site is so cute. I'm your newest follower. Stop by and check me out.

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