Friday, February 17, 2012

High Five for Friday!!

I am linking up again for High Five for Friday!!


This week was nice and calm, finally, but our weekend was crazy busy. Yet I am thankful for that busy weekend because we had sooo much fun!

Oh ps. this week is instagram addition! Oh hey while your at it, you could follow me there :)

1. Me and the Hubs celebrated Valentines Day this weekend with a concert that he won tickets to. So fun!


2. This weekend was my BFF's Birthday! We celebrated with dinner and the bar! Sorry for the awful pic, but it was dark at the bar. Happy B-day Gurl!


3. Friday night, amidst a crazy blizzard, we went out to eat with friends! I am thankful we didn't crash, but we did have fun and the food was soo good!


4. This week has been pretty relaxing, the boys play monopoly while the girls blog, love it!

5. Good wine with good friends, is anything better?

You guys rock my socks! I actually had an uneventful week, and I am thankful for that!! It was a fun week spent with amazing friends :) Hope your week was just as awesome!

High Five! Ha!


Erica said...

boys playing monop + us blogging = awesome.

LOVE ya!

Tara St said...

I'm definitely going to join this link up next week. I do love a Friday! Have a great weekend!
Penniless Socialite

Mireya said...

Concert for valentine's day sounds like so much fun!

Happy Friday!

Alyssa said...

The boys playing games while the girls blog?! Sounds awesome!!

jami lynn said...

Wine with friends is always a good time! Happy weekending!

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