Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dreaming of a New Home

It is another pinteresting Wednesday! I thought I would mix it up and do a themed Wednesday. I have been dreaming of a home lately. Pinning a lot of home decor items and dreaming of what I would do with a bigger living room :) I know some of you apartment dwellers probably feel the same way!

Linking up again :)

If you can't tell by my below pins, we love hardwood floors and the color blue, green, and red :)

1. Loving this living room esq room. It looks like it would be a cozy sunroom (although I think it's a nursery).

2. I am in love with those pillows and side tables, and the artwork is so us :)

Source: via Carisa on Pinterest

3. How amazingly comfy and open does this living room look? I am so in love!

4. This kitchen and pantry is amazing! I love the sliding doors and the chalkboard paint. I may have to add this to my future kitchen for sure!

5. Not sure how I feel about the wall plates, but the rug in the living room and the light is so cool!

6. I am in love with the grey paint! And that print is so cool, you know how I feel about bunnies ;)

Source: via Carisa on Pinterest

7. When I have kids, their room is going to be like this. I am so in love with the prints and the bright colors!!

8. This art and make shift book shelves are so cool! They are very anthro. Not sure I could actually stand the clutter but it does look very fun.

9. We have wood framed doors in our apartment, and when we buy a house we are hopping for an older home which hopefully will have wood framed doors. If we do I would love to paint an entry way this way, it looks so amazing!

Source: via Carisa on Pinterest

Ok ok enough eye candy! I really out did my self today haha. I hope you guys have a phenomenal Wednesday, the week is half done ;)


Amy Klepser said...

I love the design vibe! We love hardwood too, right now we have carpet everywhere...can't wait to move someday!

Danavee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you got a good laugh out of the shoe incident!

I love pic #5!!!!

Laura @ my green pen said...

All of your "pins" are fantastic!! I often think about my dream house on interest!!

Emily said...

Loving all these pins! Dream house dreamin' is the best :)

Katie said...

I love that chalkboard wall! Fellow apartment dweller here... I dream of painting. Our kitchen is red. Bright barn red. And... we aren't allowed to paint it!

Angela said...

Fabulous pins! :)

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