Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday, you know what that means....Pinteresting!!! Yay!! I am linking up again with the ever so lovely  Michelle at The Vintage Apple.

I am themeing my pins again today. I am going to share some of my absolute favorite recipes that I have found through the wonderful world of pinterest!! Some of these I make over and over again :)

1. Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken this stuff is sooooo good! Kind of sweet but easy and delish!

2. Double Crunch Honey Garlic Pork Chops: this looks so weird but is beyond good!! The crunch and the sauce pairs so well.

3. Artichoke Crusted Chicken: My favorite food are artichokes so this chicken is awesome! It is so moist and flavorful!!

4. This dip is amazing!!! I make it for all parties. I know it takes a lil work but it is so worth it in my opinion :) serve it with combo!

5. Pesto Chicken: this stuff is beyond easy, beyond flavorful, beyond good!! The hubs hates pesto but loves this!! serve with plain pasta and you have an amazing dinner!

6.Chicken Enchilada Pasta: this stuff is so weird but it really does taste good! No lie this stuff is the best!

7. Pizza Dough: I always make my dough by scratch, this stuff is my favorite!! If you add Italian seasoning it makes the best pizza crust. And you wouldn't believe that you can make 2 giant pizzas out of this!

Pinterest rocks my socks...what have you posted this week??

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Polyvore Fun!

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Last week I discovered Polyvore. It is beyond fun. I was going to go shopping and then I saw someone had posted something from polyvore on their blogs so I went to discover what it was. When I found out that it was basically a "virtual closet" I was so excited. Like my post earlier this week I tend to wear the same thing over and over again. Polyvore has helped me come up with a few new outfit ideas based on what I already have.

Also I have been lusting over a few pairs of really fun shoes, but when I put them into polyvore and tried to create and outfit I couldn't find anything to go with them!!! This helps me not buy impulsively :) which I often do!

Below are a few of my creations so far! PS. If you have a polyvore come follow me :)

Summer Dreaming! 
Summer Dreaming! by carisa-muller featuring strappy dresses
Strappy dress, $199
BCBG Max Azria studded handbag, $108
Candie's Peep-Toe Platform Wedges, $42
Dorothy Perkins brooch

Atlantic-Pacific: weekend prep

My Everyday

Business Girl

What I did when I signed up was found items that are closest to the ones I have in my closet. That way, when I was trying to recreate an outfit I knew I had the pieces or at least knew which ones I needed. Some of the items you can find are thousands of dollars, but I just use them for the similarity. I sure don't own that expensive of clothing ;)

Enjoy your polyvoring haha

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Love!

Did you guys watch the Oscars? The hubs and I tried a lil drinking game, which was lots of fun!!

I am reviewing the dresses, like many I am sure in the blog world today ;) I watch mostly for the dresses, and to discover the hit movies.

This weekend my hub and i caught up on some Oscar movies. We have seen all of the animated shorts showing at are local theater, we watched Moneyball this weekend (amazing) and we watched The Tree of Life (so bizarre!!!). We also saw The Help awhile ago so we were better judges than usual for who should win ;)

Now on to the exciting part, my favorite dresses!!

Love Love Love...

I am partial to the Dawson's Creek Jen Lindley and Audrey Ladell, better know as Michelle Willams and Busy Phillips. They both looked fanominal!!!


Octavia Spenser looked amazing!! Her dress was beyond flattering!

Jessica Chasten was amazing in The Help! Her dress was my favorite by far. Very classy and looked great with her red hair!

Emma Stone also looked adorable! I love the red on her and her bow was gorgeous!

Last of my favorites is Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. I didn't see her on the carpet but I saw her picture after and she looked amazing, she always wears the best dresses!!


Not Sure How I Feel...

Cameron Diaz...hmmm...the dress is nice,maybe the top is weird, but not sure I am loving the hair. It is like a beautiful dress with I don't care hair...Thoughts???

Penelope Cruz does look amazing, but not a fan of the hair!! I don't like the blond. The hub said she looks like a "40 yr old house wife." Ha! For being one of the most attractive actresses she didn't look as good as always.


Not a Fan!!!

Gwyneth Paltrow usually looks beautiful but I am not sure what happened last night. The cape was weird and the hair....the hair....what was up with that??


Glenn Close looked ok...but she had a hair problem too!! I would have love to seen it pulled up at her neck or something romantic like that. It looked like a fan blew her hair back...

Jennifer Lopez has quite the body, I can't deny that, but to wear a dress that makes your hips look huge is not really needed when you already have the biggest butt! ha! And I was so nervous she would have a wardrobe malfunction with that cleavage!

Lastly can I just say I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie...she kind of looks like alvaria lol anyways since everyone wants to see you go (but really a black valet dress??)


I hope you guys don't mind me bashing some of the stars, we all have different tastes and our favorites. What were yours??

Also a few color trends I noted:

Red: always a favorite
Tangerine: basically a spring red
Pastel Pink: in my opinion it looks fab on anyone.

Hope you all had a fab weekend!!

I am also guest posting on Amy's blog You Will Rejoice. Go check it out, I am posting on the neon fashion trend for spring/summer :) Go show her blog some love!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gratitude Sunday

Today I am guest posting over at L!$@'S Life. Her series is refreshing, it is a post to reflect on all of the things you are grateful for in your life.

I hope you all have an amazing and relaxing Sunday!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oscar Party - Guest Post

Hey all, today I am hosting my first guest blogger, beyond excited to take the weekend off!!! Check out Amy's story below and make sure to stop by her blog.

PS. she used Polyvore to come with her Oscar Party Essentials and I will be doing a post next week on my new found obsession with polyvore.

Hope you all have a fab weekend! I personally cannot wait for to watch the Oscars with maybe some champagne, or cocktails on the couch with the hubs!!

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Hello! I'm so excited to be joining Bunnies and Pearls today! My name is Amy and I'm usually writing over at my own blog, You Will Rejoice. Carisa and I went to high school together and just recently reconnected through the blogging world. Although Carisa still lives in good ol' Grand Rapids, I live across the state in Ann Arbor, MI. My husband, Ben, is a grad student at U of M and I teach middle school English at Livingston Christian School. Basically, I hang out with 7th and 8th graders all day and then head home to craft, work with my mom to run our etsy shop,  try DIY projects, and decorate. So far blogging has been a great creative outlet for me and also a great way to connect with other crafters. Thanks for having me Carisa!

In honor of this Sunday's award show, I thought I'd feature everything you need to host an Oscar's Party!

Oscar Party Essentials:

What are your Oscar watching plans? 

Friday, February 24, 2012

HiGh FiVe It Is FrIdAy!

Hey it is Friday again! yay, best day of the week!!

I am linking up again today for high five for friday. I have realized that this really helps me put my week into perspective, even if some of the things I post are not that exciting it does help start the weekend off on a positive note!


1. The hubs and I got a new coffee maker, ours died on Sunday and it was our favorite. But the new one is even cooler! (ours is red)
2. Our friends moved to South Korea earlier this year and they just sent us a post card :) it was so sweet and totally brightened my day.

3. We got a new piece of artwork for our walls! We went to an art show this weekend and bid on it, so fun {read more here}

4.  I had a wonderful date night with my husband last night. We went to a small local theater to watch the animated shorts that are up for oscars. After we got burgers at a local dive bar! so fun!

5. I was accepted to do a few guest posts in the near future. I was also excepted as a sponsor for one of the blogs I read. It has been a great week with wonderful blog growth. I love the blog world :) you girls are so sweet!
a funny! :)

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