Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekly Menu

I love cooking! Every person needs their own relaxing time, cooking is that for me! I have to admit I don’t always follow the recipes exactly; I like to cook on the fly. However it doesn’t always go well, that is the purpose of my posts, to give you tips on recipes that I have tried!

I found this really awesome iphone app called menu planner which is where I compile my favorite recipes. You can plan a weekly menu with the app and it will create grocery lists for you so you only buy what you need. The app costs a little bit of money, but it makes my life so much easier and it so worth the $2.99!! The app takes a lot of set up time but again I am telling you it is so worth it.

Most of my recipes are found on pinterest, usually when I am hungry :). I admit I am obsessed with pinterest! It has introduced me to so many new recipes.  I also have a recipe box full of family recipes that I use every so often.

I want to share with you my weekly menu, just to give you a preview of what I am going to try to make for me and H-dawg this week. I will update you later on with my pictures (which are never as good looking as the pics that come with the recipes) and give you little tips! I am going to try and make this a weekly post, every Sunday, hopefully I can inspire you with some dinner ideas because I know they are not always easy to come up with!!

Keep checking for updates on how it all tasted!!



Falafel Burgers 

I probably won't make all of them this week. We like to go out to eat a bit, and some times I'd rather just whip up a pizza or pasta then a big dinner. But hey that leaves you with a meal for next week right?

Do any of you plan your menu ahead of time? Share with me some of your favorite recipes and maybe I can incorporate them in the next few weeks!


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