Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thrifting Cashmere Sweaters!

I love thrifting! It is so fun! My favorite part about thrifting though is the amount of sweaters you have to choose from! I have a slight addiction to cashmere sweaters, partly because they are soft and actually not itchy, but also partly because they are so easy to find!

In my closet currently I have at least 6 100% cashmere sweaters, most of them were about $0.10! Average new cashmere sweater is $50.00 +, so it's a steal!!  Look at some designer ones below, there are so many outfits you can pull off with the sweaters!




Now check out two of mine! More (better) pictures coming soon :)

Do any of you own cashmere thrifted sweaters? Don't they rock!! I am hoping to do some more themed thrifted items in the future...stay tuned!!

Also I am linking up to Meet Virgina today, click the button below to check out more thrifter's posts!!

Meet Virginia Design


Anonymous said...

I love Cashmere too! I think I have one sweater that is half cashmere or something, but I never buy it because it's so expensive! I guess I'll have to keep thrifting in mind ;) I hate wearing wooly sweaters too, so I think cashmere would totally be the way to go!

Autumn said...

I love thrifting, but I have never looked for cashmere sweaters. I usually look for dresses. I will have to start looking though...

I love the bottom outfit, so cute!

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