Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thrifiting Uplift - Ceramic Rabbit

You know how ceramic animals are all the rage now? Anthropologie sells this adorable ceramic rabbit (it's a lamp)
Well I told H-dawg about how I was seeing these ceramic animals everywhere and I wanted one for less price. Well at the Goodwill Outlet we found the ugliest rabbit trinket and I told him I wanted to spray paint it! It has been sitting on our mantel for months now and it still hasn't been spray painted ha, so now I am going to do it!

Side Note:
Has anyone ever been to the Goodwill Outlet? I think there are probably some in every big city. They are crazy! Basically you go into a big warehouse and dig through giant buckets and pull out things you like. They have everything, clothes, home goods, books, games, glassware. Once your all done they weight your things. I'm telling you it is cheap as crazy! At our GWO clothes are $0.25 a pound, and glass is $0.10 a pound. Can you imagine the things you can get for little to no cost?

So here is a before picture of my horribly ugly rabbit I spray painted

I decided to spray paint it blue, partly because that’s the color we have, and because it would go better with our house. Check out the after picture

I am not sure how I feel about this yet. It definitely looks better, but I think I should have used white. Although this rabbit has creepy eyes that show through the paint. I may just have to keep my eye out for a cute rabbit next time ;)

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Erica said...

AHHH you have a bunny for the I on your name???? HOW CUTE. and i love your 'uplift.'

Sherri said...

That's such a good idea to paint! Thanks so much for coming by and for your sweet comment :)


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