Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shellac Nail Love

So my girl over at Style of a Songbird told me about this amazing manicure, shellac. Has anyone ever had this done? I am in love! This stuff lasts forever, and through any imaginable wear and tear.

The first time I had it done I was so nervous it was going to chip. I even accidentally got spray paint on it. And believe it or not the spray paint rubbed right off and it never chipped, after 3 weeks!

You have to search around to see if a salon in your area offers it. It is basically the same as a normal manicure but they paint on more layers, and between each layer you have to let it "cure" under a UV lamp. The salon I went to had a really great color selection and they did a great job, and for only $20!!

I just went and got it redone after 3 1/2 weeks and look how awesome my nails look!

I got OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, mine are the darker ones! Love it!



Melissa W. said...

I want to get that done so bad!!

Check out my blog...I've just recently grown out my nails (again) and as soon as they get just a little longer this manicure is going to by my reward!! I can't wait!

Your nails look great, btw!

Erica said...

I LOVE SHELLAC. getting mine redone today! woo hoo

Carisa said...

Melissa, first off thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment! It is worth it to get your nails shellacked especially if you are trying to grow them, the shellac keeps them tough and its almost impossible to break them! I have naturally strong, long nails but the manicure totally helps to keep them that way! PS. You can get a french manicure shellac too and it will look like you have acrylic nails :)

Carisa said...


Felicia said...

yes, shellac is awesome!! :)

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