Saturday, January 21, 2012


I made so much food this week! I was so proud that we actually didn't go out to eat! I have a few new recipes for you!

Also I am linking up again! I am linking up my cucumber sauce recipe to House of Hepworths be sure to check out the blog and see the other blogs that linked up :)


On Thursday I made cheddar and leek macaroni and cheese. It is the grown up version of macaroni and cheese and it is so good!!
Original Recipe
There are a few changes I make to this recipe. It calls for 5 cups of leeks but that is a lot especially because I make a small portion. I used about a cup for our recipe. I also only used about 1 cup of milk rather than 3 1/2. The original recipe makes 6 servings and I cut it down to make about 4 servings, but you can do either.

The last major change I make is I completely cut out the eggs. I don't really understand how that works, and the disclaimer at the bottom of the recipe about the eggs possibly curdling makes me very nervous. It makes perfect cheese sauce without the eggs. Other than that it is so delicious. If you have never tried leeks you need to! They kind of taste like onions so they add a great flavor to the noodles!

On Friday there was a crazy snow blizzard so I didn't get a chance to go to the store to have falafel burgers like I was craving, so we had normal burgers. We did however have falafel chips and cucumber sauce (which I put on burger....sooo delicious).

I didn't do much special to the burgers. I put some garlic and onion powder on the meat as well as some Worcestershire sauce.

Check out these amazing chips we found at a organic store by our house!
If you have ever had falafel the chips are soooo good!

To go with the falafel chips I made my own cucumber sauce!! Find the recipe below :)

1. Chop a half of a cucumber and 2 garlic cloves
2. Throw chopped cucumber and garlic into a food processor with 1 cup of sour cream (greek yougart is better!)
3. Puree and throw in a bowl. Sooo good!

H-dawg said he prefers the sauce with more cucumber chunks he says it's more refreshing but that is personal preference.

Last I made a delicious salad tonight, but I don't have the recipe on me. I will update tomorrow with the recipe! I forgot to take a picture but this is what it looked like.

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