Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Glasses Thanks to Zenni Optical

I have really been wanting to join in on the "nerd glasses" fad but I was a little chicken. Glasses cost a small fortune and I didn't want to waste money on something I may not like in the future. I was telling that to my friend and she suggested Zenni Optical. It’s a website that sells tons of different frames for insanely low prices.

Here is the site

You need to call up your eye doctor and ask them for your prescription and your pupil distance. Then you can put that into the site and find glasses that will fit your face. You can sort the frames from small-large, by price, by style, by color ect. Then you can upload a picture of your self and virtually "try them on." This is a little weird but let me tell you it is pretty accurate.

My friend told me my glasses would take exactly 2 weeks, and I thought she was kidding, but it really did take EXACTLY 2 weeks, so be ready for a wait. But the wait is sooooo worth it. I got new glasses about 3 months ago at the store, and I thought they were a steal for $80.00 for 2 pairs, but I was so wrong, these new ones were only 12.95 total! Crazy! Check them out below…I'm in love!

(ps. although I wish I was paid to suggest this site to you ;) I was not. All the opinions are completely my own)


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Erica said...

i LOVE zenni!!!!!! :)

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