Friday, January 20, 2012

High Five for Friday

I have decided to join in on From My Grey Desk's high five for Friday posts! I am excited to have found another blog to link up to, and in general share why Friday is a good day and how my week went. Like Lauren says it is a good way to slow down and remember the things from the week that you enjoyed/thankful for.

1. My new glasses from Zenni they rock!

2. My new blog design. Still have a long ways to go but I love it!

3. My amazing husband who scraped off my car this week in this terrible blizzard.

4. New shallac manicure I'm getting on Saturday

5. Having my butt kicked at PIYO. Working out brightens my week!

Happy Friday All!!


Megan Gillesby @ something beautiful said...

love your 'high five for friday' very cute!

Carisa said...

Thank you! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

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