Monday, January 30, 2012

Food Food!

Sorry for the weekend absence! When I told you on Friday it had been a long week apparently it wasn't over yet :( but I am glad it is Monday. Time for a new week!!

So lets face it when the week gets busy we go out to eat! Last week we only made one meal, yikes! So we are hoping we can make many meals this week!

On Tuesday we actually did cook! We made Double Crunch Honey Pork Chops from Rock Recipes Blog, they were soooo delicious! I served them with a salad, bread and garlic redskin mashed potatoes!

These pork chops are so easy to make and they really only take about 15 minuets! The sauce definitely makes this dish so make sure to have plenty. For my mash potatoes I boil redskin potatoes with garlic cloves until they are very tender. I then throw them in the kitchen aid with half a stick of butter and a little bit of milk and mix it until smooth.

Sunday Night I made leek pasta with shrimp, yumm! I loosely followed the recipe at Five and Spice {here}.
First I caramelized the leeks in butter with some salt and pepper. I then added a cup of chicken broth and some wine and threw in some shrimp. Lastly I threw in the pasta and coated it with sauce and I sprinkled the pasta with Parmesan cheese.

Below are a couple of food lust pictures of what I am hoping to make this week with our limited amount of groceries :)




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