Monday, January 16, 2012

Feather Earings

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This weekend I did a lot of crafting with my girl over at Style of a Song Bird check out her blog to see what she created!

Today I'm going to share with you this really simple DIY feather earnings. I have seen feather earnings everywhere! Feathers were the number one thing for this fall (I'm a little late on that trend but better late than never!). There are a lot of different tutorials on pinterest for diy feather accessories, I want to share with you my version!

I love peacock feathers but I think they are too flashy for me to wear to work, so I choose more subtle color feathers, but go ahead and choose your favorites!

2 Hanging Earring Hooks
2 Feathers
2 Crimps
Beads to put on the ends
Needle nose pliers

1. Trim the feathers a little so you have a "stem" to work with
2. Put some beads onto the feather
3. Use the crimp at the end of the feather
4. Hook the earring hooks straight to the loop on the crimp. You can use jump hooks too but I didn't like the look of it.

That's it! Soooo easy. Check out mine in comparison to some you can buy, pretty good right?

My Cool Ones

Found at UO and Charlotte Russe

Next time I am going to try and layer the feathers. Maybe even add some chains. The bag of feathers I got came with all different patterns!

Send me the pictures of the ones you create, I'd love to see them!


Ruth Yoder said...

beautiful! I want some!

Carisa said...


Amy Klepser said...

Love these Carisa, I want to try making them!

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