Saturday, January 7, 2012

Barbie Lipstick

Shirt: J Crew. Skirt: UO. Tights: F21.

I've been sick for the past couple days so today when I woke up, determined to feel better, I pulled out a shade of lipstick I never thought I would wear--WetnWild's 521A aka Barbie Pink.  Carisa lent this to me a month ago and I have not found an excuse to wear it yet (you'll find as you keep reading this blog, I don't exactly gravitate towards bright, forward colors, especially pink).  BUT seeing as I had it all worked out in my mind that if I wore something bright on the outside, it would radiate to my inside, I went ahead and volunteered my lips to produce this much needed radiation.  I think it worked.

--I paired it with my stripey shirt, a bow that I commandeered after being left in my apartment, a skirt that was originally $60 but found it on sale for $10, my cheetah print tights, and my beloved dirty Dr. Martens--


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