Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Campus Book Rentals

I've written about it before, but I seriously love renting text books. It is the best deal ever! My husband is going back to school in the fall for his masters and with the new baby we are looking to pinch pennies wherever we can! I immediately suggested he should rent his books. He never did this in college because he liked keeping his books, but most of them he ended up never looking at again.


Even if you purchased a book and then had a book store buy it back it will still cost you more than renting! Campus Book Rentals helps you save 40-90% percent off bookstore prices!

So the first question he asks me is if he can still highlight in the books, and you totally can! How great is that? You can treat your book as your own. And if he ends up wanting to keep the book for future use he just has to pay the difference.

With free shipping both ways and a 21-day return period in case you drop the class you might as well give it a try go to their website here ;)

Have you ever rented books? What are your tips for saving money when someone heads back to school?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Baby Clothes Storage

James has officially upgraded to 3-6 month clothes! I can not believe how fast he is growing! I want to keep some of his clothes for possible future children so I searched on pinterest for ideas on ways to sort and store his baby clothes.

I saw a lot of pins on storing clothes in bins with a label showing the size. This is a great idea for his clothes (and even other household bins) it makes it super organized and easy to find back. Some sites offer free printable sheets to put in the bins as labels, or you could create stickers or there are even some websites, like, that offer stickers that you can design your own!

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Have you had to store baby clothes? How do you store them?
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