Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fashion Tips for a Night at the Casino

Casinos seem to be the place to go now a days for a night out on the town, or for a special occasion party. When you are planning on going it is important to know how to dress, partly to get past the dress code at the door, but also so you can wow everyone! Because come on, most of you go to the casino as an excuse to get dolled up :) I know that is why I would go!

A night of gambling
I guess some women visit the casino just to gamble, playing slots or blackjack, not to dress up! Who knew?! lol but if that is why you go to the casino then I would say rock something smart casual. Most casinos expect this type of dress, a skirt and blouse or jeans and blouse. Perfect, comfy, and still attractive! I think the girl below nailed the look :)

A night of partying
If your going to the casino for a party with your friends or family, which is usually why I would go :) you could get away with smart casual like above, but you may way to dress up more, because why not!? A full length gown is probably too formal, and cocktail dresses might be too cutesy for the casino. The perfect option is a little black dress! Everyone who owns a LBD knows it can go from casual to glam, its all about the accessories! I love the flirty look that Julia from Gal Meets Glam is rockin.

A themed casino party
A themed casino party is more my style. I love having house party's :) These types of party's are always fun because they can be themed!! One popular theme is Hollywood gangster, you could base your outfit on an actress from the 30's and 40's :). This would probably be the most fun because you could rock outrageous dresses, furs, jewellery and go all out!! If you have your smartphone with you then it will be easy to get a few games in on websites like while you get a few minutes away from friends! So what would I wear? Id go all out, like the look below :)

A night at a top casino
So if your going all out for your casino visit and going to one of the really big ones, a full-length gown is in order! This would be perfect for a casino in London or Monte Carlo :) I think that would be a total blast! Very James Bond!


What would you wear to a casino? ever rocked a full length gown there? Sooo fun!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Branding Your Blog

I've been spending time in the past few months working on "branding my blog." I really want to take this blog and own it! I have a few blogger events coming up in the future and I want to go feeling more professional and confident in my corner on the web! So I thought I would share with you my tips on why and how to brand your blog/business!

so why should you brand?
For me it was partially because I want to take my blog to the next level. I think having the same logo on your blog, business cards, card stock ect is professional, and it just makes me excited when i sit down to work! It is also needed so your customers, or readers, have a logo to associate with your blog/business.

where to start?
Brainstorming is the best place to start, check out pinterest, other businesses you like, what makes you happy? I spent time first deciding on my color scheme, I think choosing a few colors that display your personality through your brand is the best. I personally love pink but I want it to be professional so I added gray to the mix to make it less girly. Next spend sometime really thinking about your logo, find one that shows off what you and your business does. Think ahead about where you want your business/blog to go, are you hoping to make it more professional? More fun?

blog mood board, mood board

get designing.
Do you know how to design? Start with some mood boards, decide on your favorite fonts and logos. If you don't know how to design there are tons of talented people out there, start searching for someone that can you help you design what you need. One of my really good friends and fellow bloggers, Kristin, does an amazing job with blog design be sure to check her out if your looking, Everything's Always Sunny

blog mood board, fashion blog design, blog design ideas

utilize it.
have you seen that episode of portlandia "put a bird on it"? That is basically what you need to do. Put your brand/logo on everything! Start with your website and redesign it to line up with your new brand.  Then create some business cards to hand out to everyone. Add a few other things with your logo on it just for kicks. When you go to events people will notice all your goodies, show them off!

where to shop?
Personally I love everything tiny prints has to offer! They have everything, you can get tons of items branded. (side note, their stationary is to die for!! if your not branded yet you should still check it out!) Their team will work with you to design your business cards. I knew what I wanted my business cards to look like, based on my blog design, but I couldn't quite achieve it with their pre-designed templates, so I emailed them for a custom design. The whole experience was awesome! I got exactly what I wanted and they were fast and competitive prices! Seriously I am so thrilled with the quality! Also check out Hicustom, they offer personalized tees and phone/ipad cases.

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